Super Bowl Pick

With it being the Super Bowl, I’ll throw in a score for ya’ll.

Steelers vs. Packers: Packers 27-26

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NFL Playoff Picks III

I pulled 3 out of 4 again last week, but with only two games this week can I get it all right?  Time to find out.

Packers @ Bears: Packers

Jets @ Steelers: Steelers


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Mike Leach: Damaged goods or misunderstood genuis?

It’s fall of 2000 in Lubbock, Texas.  Mike Leach is taking on his first year as head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders.  He is replacing Spike Dykes, who went 6-5 the year before and was 82-67-1 in 13 years of leading the program.  Leach  himself is coming off of successful stints as the offensive coordinator at Oklahoma and Kentucky.  In fact he had been perfecting his version of a college offense since 1989 when he was the OC at Iowa Wesleyan followed by four years at Valdosta State.  How will this, his first (and as it turns out only, so far) time as head coach turn out.  Fast forward 10 seasons later; the Red Raiders never had a losing season under Leach and he is terminated for allegations that he mistreated a player who was suffering concussion symptoms.  As we have found out recently, Leach broke major recruiting rules while at Tech as well.  So if you were a athletics director at a major college would you hire Mike Leach to coach your football team?

You may or may not think Leach is crazy, but the man can put together an offense.  Where ever he has coached there have been prolific spread offenses.  His quarterbacks are almost always on top of or near the top of offensive statistics.  Texas Tech isn’t a blue chip recruiting destination either.  When it comes to competing with Texas and Oklahoma and all the other schools of the Big 12, Tech was usually left with the bottom of the barrel.   Yet, Leach turns these “rejects” into college football superstars and record breakers.  Mike Leach gets the extracts the most talent from the least talented.  He won lots of games in a tough conference.  This is all the upside….

Which leads us to the downside of it all.  We all heard the stories of Adam James locked in an electrical closet, and text messages sent to recruits.  Then there are those who believe that Mike Leach is just too difficult to work with.  He has a keen, well documented interest in pirates among other oddities.

If I’m an AD at a big time football school I hire Mike Leach.  Sure he’s a weirdo but who cares this is college football.  I hire a really good defensive coordinator as well, to make sure that side of the ball is taken care, because you already know the Leach will make sure the offense puts up points.  I tell him to leave all injury treatments up to the medical staff to avoid another controversy like the one at Texas Tech.  Leach claims he was trying to stay within the guidelines given to him by a trainer while keeping the play close to practice.  The James family claim that Adam James was told to stand in a darkened electrical closet or be kicked off the team.  Since neither side has changed their story we don’t know what happened.  You want to gripe about the fact that he violated major NCAA recruiting rules while at Tech?  Almost every college program (and by extension almost every college football coach) violates these rules.  The level of competition and the pressure to win has coaches doing whatever it takes to get the best recruits.  I’m not saying I condone it, but does happen, and it hasn’t prevented coaches from finding new work in the past.  I think Mike Leach would be a great hire for any college program.

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NFL Playoff Picks Part II

Ok last weekend I did pretty well, hitting on 3 out of 4 games.  This weekend, viewed by some as the best weekend in all of football, I’ll aim for perfection.

Ravens @ Steelers: Steelers

Packers @ Falcons: Packers

Seahawks @ Bears: Bears

Jets @ Patriots: Patriots

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NFL Playoff Picks

Ok so I ended the regular season with a week 17 record of 11-5 and finished with a decent 147-90 (.620).  Now is the time for playoffs, and playoff picks.

Saints @ Seahawks: Seahawks

Jets @ Colts: Colts

Ravens @ Chiefs: Ravens

Packers @ Eagles: Packers

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Week 17

So that last week of the regular season has arrived and with it my last round of picks.  Fear not, as I will still pick the playoff games.  Last week’s 8-6 leads me to a overall of 136-85.

Raiders @ Chiefs: Chiefs

Dolphins @ Patriots: Patriots

Titans @ Colts: Colts

Jaguars @ Texans: Texans

Steelers @ Browns: Steelers

Bengals @ Ravens: Ravens

Vikings @ Lions: Lions

Giants @ Redskins: Giants

Bears @ Packers: Packers

Cowboys @ Eagles: Cowboys

Bills @ Jets: Bills

Panthers @ Falcons: Falcons

Buccaneers @ Saints: Saints

Rams @ Seahawks: Rams

Cardinals @ 49ers: 49ers

Chargers @ Broncos: Broncos

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Revamped Magic, Heat, and Thunder

Whoa!  The Knicks played some D, the new look Magic gelled against the Celtics and Lebron got the best of Kobe.  Lets start with the Magic, who I had my doubts about, as they beat the current beast in the East, Celtics.  While Boston was without Rajon Rondo this is still a big win for Orlando as they need to be able to compete with the Celtics and Heat come playoff time.  The Magic had five players in double digit scoring, lead by Brandon Bass.

The Knicks allowed only 12 points in the fourth quarter to take down the Bulls 103-95.  Amare Stoudemire and Raymond Felton each poured in 20 as all five of New York’s starters scored in double digits.  Knicks and Chicago, both remain in the second tier in the East, with Atlanta (who has quietly been more competitive on the road this year) and Orlando.  Miami and Boston (despite the loss) continue to rule.

Speaking of the Heat, Lebron James threw down for a triple double as Miami steamrolled the Los Angeles  Lakers.  LA struggled in the first quarter and never really recovered as the Big Three continued their winning ways.  LA, while dropping two in a row, remain one of the top teams in the West with San Antonio and Dallas, with Utah and Oklahoma City starting to put it together as well.

OKC Thunder defeated the  Nuggets on Christmas behind 44 points from Kevin Durant, who continues to amaze.  He was 4-7 from three point land and shot 70% from the field.  Denver has had a rough go of things recently with Carmelo Anthony away from the team.  They are only .500 so far this month and have been hot and cold all season.  The Nuggets, along with the Suns and Hornets are in the second tier of the West.

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